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Abhishek Dani Design Since 2002, ADD Interiors Pvt. Ltd., AD Design

Abhishek Dani Design

Engaged in profession of providing complete solution for interiors, infrastructure construction, interior design, project management and execution for all kind of commercial and residential and retail project. Our aims is to develop design and implement the most innovative yet cost effective solutions.

ADD Interior PVT LTD

Interior contracting firm with the finest credentials to execute a project to perfections. We offer full range of services including design-build-remodeling for various industries whether it’s a residential or commercial. We manage your project from initial design to completion.

AD Design

Known as Home Lifestyle where we love to explore personalized unique product designing such as designer collection of sofa’s, couch, and dinning, master pieces. At Ad Design we not only explore but also focus to give the ready-made solutions.


We provide complete planning & designing of your space.

Whether its residential, commercial, retail, outlets, public building projects with the use of our creative ideas, latest materials, modern technology and intricate detailing.
We blend the aesthetics of a place with functionality & the desire of the client to transform the space into a masterpiece dreamed of.

We provide "Turnkey” solutions for your design requirement.

We undertake the entire responsibility from designing of plans material selection, systematic Installation & completing of the project.
We incorporate end-to-end process within a project by providing all the required services to design & build your interior space by managing the project from the first point of contact through to handling over the keys.

We provide complete project management for builders.

Beginning with designing the concept of project based on specific needs of the client including designing of entrance, lobby area, sample flats, site office, with minor civil changes with modern techiest and latest furniture design.
As per our planning and furniture placement to upgrade the structure in much more functional and efficient way.

Get ideas on how to build your house / offices completely based on Vastu Shastra.

By the help of Vastu Shastra knowledge we incorporate ideas and concept for organization of space, furniture position, rooms, kitchen, and entrance placement with respect to direction.
We analyze on basis on our culture, traditions, geographical conditions, climatical conditions and everything.

We are engaged in procurement and resource management

Obtaining or buying materials or services to provide our clients with best finest furnishing material to best and quality product materials with in the best market price.

Each project is tailored to the client budget. Schemes, finishes and fitting are selected and ordered from a vast number of trade suppliers all with cost effectiveness and suitability.

Our Projects

Know our past and present projects for experiencing our best methods to work on plan and its execution.

Why Us?

We’re Creative

We create Imagination into reality with our design passion and experience.

We’re Punctual

With our work and design process of filing details and submission time to time.

We give end to end solutions

We provide all types of solution starting from concept, creation, production, execution with turnkey solution.

We love minimalism

The idea of minimalism design is using simple & natural forms to create spacious rooms with minimum of furniture and detail.

We’re technical

We focus on each and every technical details from designing of plan to execution of design on site with latest technology, material.

We're Friendly

We are friendly with our clients ready to help and discuss any sort of queries with right solution.

Abhishek Dani is creative brain behind the design of our beautiful new office space. They helped bring my vision for our space to life and our company now enjoys a stunning new space that makes coming to work easy and fun! Top Qualities: Expert, good value, creative.”

Vijay Agrawal, One Earth - Pune.

What our client says?

I have great expereince with Abhishek Dani Design, I took their services for designing for my Pune office, with their positive approach I also offered them on my 2nd project which was based in Dubai. They effectively contacted agencies in Dubai and finished my project within 2 months of time.

Pankaj Chaurasia, Vastu Realestate

What our client says?

By profession I am builder, I am associated with Abhishek for more than 7 years, he did interior designing of my home, office and all my developing projects. His unique ability to think out of the box makes my work easy and creative. I strongly recommend to adopt his services.

Vikas Bhatewara, Key Stone Developer

What our client says?

I run consultancy firm and training classes, from Abhishek I always seek Vastu arrangement advise, he has best knowledge of Vastu and great respects with all of his peers. I am very glad with their services and keep recommending his name in my network.

Balukeshwar, QBIX ACADEMIA

What our client says?

It's an awesum company, very professional an excellent job done by the whole team.. They deliver what they promise.. Good luck!!

Dr. Falak Dalal

What our client says?

Abhishek Dani does a wonderful job in identifying a client's taste and style and incorporating that into any work he does for you. Abhishek's Team has a great sense of color/style and final vision for any project he undertakes. The end result is a masterful culmination of what he envisions as a professional designer, the look and feel desired by the client. Highly recommeded !!

Manish Gupta, Software Engineer.

Mr. Abhishek Dani

An emphasis on interior detailing combined with a "NATURALLY ELEGANT" approach to design from a unique offering. Abhishek dani design philosophy of "the difference is in the details" consists of attention to detail not only in design, but also customer service as well. This approch allows the firm to provide its client with superior design and service. Having rich experience of 13 years in different designing assignments gives flare to versatility to Abhishek which is evident in all the design and cencepts. Each client's needs become the platform from which Abhishek Dani conceptualizes its initial proposals. The design team works closely with the client over the course of the project to achieve a highly desirable end result.

Creative Team

Mr. Abhishek Dani
CEO / Director
Abhishek dani is most respected interior designer & interior architecture in Pune. He has handled successfully international private clients, property developers, commercial design projects including hotels, restaurants, office spaces.
Anisha Dani is most influential interior designer. Her list of clients & design expertise is unparalleled. Renowned for her contagious wit with brilliant sense of style, her designs appeal to both young and old and sit well in both contemporary and traditional interiors.
Mr. Rohit Dani
Head operation
Rohit is young, dynamic and most enthusiast interior designer in Abhishek Dani Design team, his technical expertise reflects in all the projects accomplished by Abhishek Dani Design.

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